VBAC Strong is a women's fitness program that provides the perfect balance of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Alongside motivation from other women like you. Healthy eating is promoted with monthly pictures, measurements and weigh ins. We are located inside the Van Buren Athletic Club but No gym membership is required. Class times are 5am Monday-Friday, We love to workout on Saturdays as well, and just a canned good donation is requested usually held at 7:30am. The canned goods are donated to the Women's Crisis Center in Fort Smith. There are showers onsite. 1st month membership- $60 Existing members-$85 per month Students- $70 per month Per class- $5 3 day a week class membership- $50 1 month w/ unlimited tanning- $100 1 month w/ gym membership- $110 1 month w/ unlimited tanning and gym membership $125
Body sculpting class Monday & Wednesday at 530pm !!!!My  exercise class is non-judgemental, highly motivating, and stress relieving! I try to always have a workout that is different, so that muscle memory doesn't set in! I work upper, lower, abs, and always throw in some sort of cardio bursts to get that heart rate up and bring it back down for great results! We have regular class members from the ages of mid 20s to 60s!!! Included in your membership. Monday & Wednesday at 5:30
We have personal trainers who are accessible to members for training/fitness/nutrition/health advice and consultation. Our personal trainers can devise a customized fitness routine, sometimes including a nutrition plan, to help our clients achieve their goals. They can also monitor and train with members.